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Holywell C of E

Primary School

Tuesday mornings


Bluntisham St Helen’s

Primary School  

Wednesday mornings


Earith Primary School  

Wednesday mornings


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Have you ever thought that children in schools might be missing out on what the Bible has to show them? They could go through their entire school life without ever learning about Adam and Eve, Noah, David, Jonah ... or even the life of Jesus and the stories of the New Testament.


We have two teams of volunteer storytellers who go into our local primary schools on a weekly basis using drama, mime, props, costume - even the children and staff themselves - to present Bible stories in ways that are lively, engaging, informative ... and great fun for everyone involved!


The teams go into the assemblies at St Helen’s Primary School, Bluntisham and Colne, Earith Primary School and Holywell Primary School on a weekly basis.