Meridian Benefice
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Clusters Evening house meetings in Bluntisham and Colne. Contact Beverly Barlow, 01487 840223


Brothers in Alms (Men’s Group) Various locations, every Tuesday: Contact Tim Berry


Clusters are small groups of people who meet every week to study. We usually meet every week, but on the fourth week of meeting we tend to make it a more social occasion when the group can have a meal together, go out to the cinema, theatre or perhaps do something positive in the community. Every eight weeks there will be a social occasion to which all the cluster groups are invited.

The general format for the study evening is Welcome, Worship, Word and Witness. Welcome is about getting to know one another; however, it can include chat about the past week, a question to get people talking or it might include prayer. It may include a meal together or a cup of tea. Worship is about focusing upon God, celebrating what he has done and what he is doing – it may be five minutes’ listening to a hymn/song or a short meditation. Word is about connecting the Bible to everyday life and helping one another to put it into practice. It will focus upon Bible study – either through a written bible study series or a series on DVD. Witness is thinking about Jesus’ commands to love our neighbours, looking at practical ways of helping people.