Meridian Benefice
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There is at least one service in each of our three churches every Sunday. You can join us at any of them and will be made very welcome. If you are not a regular church attender and feel a bit unsure of what you are supposed to do, don’t worry! The first person you meet as you enter will probably giving out hymn books – just tell them that you are new and they or another regular member of the congregation will sit with you and guide you through the service. Sunday services follow a formal pattern of prayers, hymns, Bible readings, laid down in the Church of England’s prayer books, but formal doesn’t mean rigid or stuffy. Worship is a joyful and loving meeting with God in the company of like-minded people and when mistakes happen (as they do, fairly frequently!), God doesn’t get upset, and nor do we.


Each of the churches in our benefice has its own tradition of special services outside the normal weekly and seasonal pattern. For details of special services and other events which are coming up in the next couple of months, check out the News and events page.


As well as church services, we offer a range of less formal family-based worship opportunities on Sundays, such as Messy Church and Café Sunday, and many other activities on weekdays, including courses and study groups.