Bob Major

The Alpha course is an informative and enjoyable course for people wishing to find out about the Christian faith, as well as those wishing to further their knowledge.  I must admit that I went along to the course with some trepidation and worries of what I was getting into.  But it answered many of the questions and concerns that I had on the Bible, Jesus and Christianity in a relaxed, non-confrontational, unpressurised and friendly environment of a small group of individuals. And at the end of it I chose to give myself to Christ.

Jenny Swain

As a previous non-believer, or so I thought, Alpha has helped me to understand Jesus and how to have a relationship. My encounter with the Holy Spirit has brought me peace and I am keen to learn more and have a deeper relationship.

Kate Baker

I'd never been to church before or had any particular interest in religion, I'd always thought it was something people used as a bit of a crutch and was reserved for the needy or just plain weird.


However when my kids turned up and I started going to JC Tots/Music Makers at St Helen’s as something to do on a Thursday morning, the people there were all refreshingly normal and it struck me just how happy they seemed to be so when a leaflet turned up on my doorstep about Alpha I though maybe there might be something in it, anyway it sounded interesting and I was always up for a good argument about life/universe and the non-existence of God!


The first couple of times I went I really wasn't sure, I thought I'd 'failed' the course as I seemed to come away with more questions than answers. Certainly no big conversion seemed on the cards for me.


But gradually something changed. It all just started to make sense and all those questions I'd had, buried very deep, why are we here? What is the point to all this? started to be answered.


I didn't initially finish the first course, stuff happened and life just got in the way. But it always stayed with me and I found myself turning to God in times of difficulty, which was strangely comforting.


I eventually ended up going on the 'Holy Spirit' day, nearly two years after starting out on the Alpha Course and I can only say that something definitely changed that day. I felt like I'd 'come home'.


For me it’s not been a big momentous conversion, but rather a slow and careful baby step move towards God. Alpha was instrumental in helping me to ask questions that I'd long tried to bury as irrelevant to my modern day life.... and I'm very glad I did.